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The Traveller Community’s Socio-Economic Rights in Ireland: An Investigation: Dr Kathryn O’Sullivan and Dr Susan Leahy

Six final year Law students undertaking this project are investigating three key socio-economic rights – namely the right to health, education, and housing – as they are enjoyed, or perhaps not enjoyed, by the Traveller community in Ireland. To this end, the students are researching the theoretical existence of such rights, what they encompass, and how they are being realised. In particular, conscious of the frequent divergence between rhetoric and reality in the context of such rights, the students are seeking to gain a better appreciation of the practical experience of members of the Traveller community in invoking these rights by engaging with members of the Tipperary Rural Travellers Project and those working with the Traveller community. At the end of the project, the students will present their findings to members of the Tipperary Rural Travellers Project.