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Pierre Sylvestre

Photograph of Pierre Sylvestre with the sea in the background.

My name is Pierre Sylvestre and I have had the most unexpected journey through my studies at the School of Law in the University of Limerick, Ireland

It is hard to know where to begin there have been so many unforgettable moments! The first feelings that I had prior to my arrival were those of excitement and stress. For the very first time, the French student in Law that I am, was leaving the family nest. I think that every Erasmus student has experienced or will experience such feelings. But in my fear of the unknown what I didn’t realise or expect was how many new friends I would make, wonderful places I would visit and unexpected experiences I would enjoy.

The School of Law at the University of Limerick gave me the chance to accomplish things that I would have never imagined I could.

From the very beginning, I was amazed by this huge campus, peaceful space of study and entertainment along the Shannon River – not to mention the very helpful and warm, welcoming staff. It is so important to know that people (from students to teachers) are here to make you feel as well as possible. As an example, the Buddy Exchange Programme gives you the possibility to meet an Irish student before your arrival on campus: this way, you are not “alone” in your adventure.

In addition to being a privileged place to study, we cannot say less about the student life in UL.

This “small town” makes your journey as comfortable and enjoyable as possible with five villages on campus, a great sports centre, and so many clubs and societies to meet new friends. I definitely enjoyed playing Irish traditional music in the pubs and being part of the UL Swim Team. I have learnt that the Irish lads are, with a few pints of that notorious Guinness, the best people to have good fun (or "craic" as they call it!) in life.

After a successful year at the School of Law, I did not need any other motivation to pursue my adventure in such a good company. I was very glad to announce to my family and friends that I intended to stay in UL in order to study for an LLM in International Commercial Law …and that is what I am currently doing!

 do not know what life will bring in the next few years, but I do know that I have had some of the best memories from my time in Ireland. Merci UL pour tous ces bons souvenirs!!”