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Information Booklet on Donor-Assisted Human Reproduction: Dr Lydia Bracken

The aim of this Advanced Lawyering project is to produce a plain-English information booklet explaining the provisions of the Children and Family Relationships Act 2015 that relate to donor-assisted human reproduction (DAHR). Almost 40 sections of the 2015 Act apply to DAHR making it difficult to navigate. The booklet will be designed to help stakeholders to understand the main legal changes introduced by the 2015 Act and explain how the Act will apply to existing and prospective parents, gamete donors, and donor-conceived children once it commences. 

The project is run in conjunction with the National Infertility Support and Information Group (NISIG). NISIG will provide case studies to include in the information booklet and will offer insight and direction on the content of the booklet, as well as expert advice on particular issues. The booklet will be presented to NISIG upon completion.