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EU Law: Laura Donnellan

The Advanced Lawyering EU Law project is designed for both students and the wider community. There are three different groups with each group concentrating on a specific aspect of the free movement of persons in the EU. Students have three tasks to complete:

  1. Draft a research paper designed to guide a lawyer that needs to provide up-to-date information on the relevant category under the free movement of person’s provisions (2000 words, 20%)
  2. Give a presentation (20 mins) to the public (Community Law Programme) on the relevant category under the free movement of persons (50%) 
  3. Design an information leaflet/pamphlet (1000 words, 30%)

Part 1 is a research paper which is more theoretical and academic. It will be written for a lawyer who needs to brush up on EU law. The student groups will receive feedback on this paper to help them condense the information into a presentation and a pamphlet (Parts 2 and 3). The pamphlet will be more user friendly and drafted with the public in mind avoiding the legalese in the research paper. The groups will also get the chance to do a trial run of the presentation (non-graded). The groups will be graded on the presentation given to the Community Law Programme. The three groups will meet with a graphic designer who will give them a talk on designing the leaflet.

Aims & Objectives

The main objective of this project is for the students to develop clinical lawyering skills, more specifically, to prepare students to be able to deal with queries either as a lawyer or in public office relating to free movement within the EU. The groups will be able to explain not just the academic side but inform individuals  how they can assert their rights under the free movement of person’s provisions.