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The Action Research Project (ARP)

The Action Research Project (ARP) is a collaboration between the University of Limerick through the REPPP project and the Youth Crime Policy and Programmes division of the Irish Youth Justice Service (Department of Justice and Equality). The Action Research Project staff (Principal investigator and three research fellows) will work directly with 16 Garda Youth Diversion Project case study sites to examine what constitutes effective relationships between youth justice professionals and young people that are coming in contact with the law.
Garda Youth Diversion Projects are community based and supported youth development projects which seek to divert young people away from becoming involved (or further involved) in anti-social or criminal behaviour. There are 105 projects currently in operation nationwide. Initial baseline analysis has indicated that 60% of project time is allocated, in one form or another, to relationship building and face-to-face contact with young people in an attempt to transform their behaviour. This face-to-face interaction has been identified by project staff as an important and significant part of their work and one that warrants further in-depth examination.