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The School of Law offers six key degree programmes, a number of taught master’s programmes and postgraduate degrees by research

Undergraduate programmes​

Taught Master’s degree programmes

Postgraduate degrees by research

The School of Law is also host to a vibrant community of research students undertaking masters and PhDs by research.

Programmes delivered outside the University

In addition, the University and School of Law accredit two programmes that are delivered in the Garda College, Templemore

Legal Practice in Ireland

Our law degrees (LLB Bachelor of Laws (Law Plus), BA Bachelor of Arts in Law & Accounting, LLB Bachelor of Laws (Graduate Entry), and LLB Bachelor of Laws (Evening Degree)) are recognised by key professional bodies including the Law Society of Ireland and the Honourable Society of King’s Inns, Dublin, Ireland. All law degree programmes offered by the School of Law cover the core subjects required for the Law Society of Ireland Final Examination, Part 1, (the entrance exams for the professional practice course required to qualify as a solicitor in Ireland) and are approved degrees for the purpose of Rule 4 of the Education Rules of the Honorable Society of King’s Inns. See the page on qualifying as a barrister or a solicitor for more information.

Legal Practice outside of Ireland

The degrees are, moreover, internationally recognised as qualifying a candidate for admittance to a number of international bar associations including the New York Bar. Students wishing to practise as a solicitor in England and Wales are eligible to complete a postgraduate qualification making them eligible to practice in those jurisdictions. Irish qualified solicitors are also eligible to apply to sit the California State Bar Examination.

Legal Practice in England and Wales

Students who wish to practise as a solicitor in England and Wales must complete a legal practice course in an institution authorised to provide the legal practice course, details of which are available on the Solicitors Regulation Authority website.

Legal Practice in New York

Students who complete their law degree in UL are eligible to apply to sit the New York Bar exam, which entitles candidates to practise as an attorney in New York upon successful completion. Details on the application process is available on the The New York State Board of Law Examiners website.


Accounting Exemptions for Graduates of Law & Accounting

There are numerous exemptions granted to those who hold an honours bachelor’s degree in Law & Accounting from bodies such as Chartered Accountants Ireland (CAI), the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Ireland (CPA), the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants in Ireland (CIMA), and the Institute of Taxation in Ireland (ITI).

Exemptions are granted to students who hold an honours bachelor’s degree in Law & Accounting as follows:

Logo for the Chartered Accountants Ireland

Chartered Accountants Ireland
CA Proficiency 1 (CAP1): Graduates with a minimum 2.2 award will, under certain conditions, be exempt from CAP 1.
CA Proficiency 2 (CAP2): No exemption
Final Admitting Exam (FAE): No exemption

Association of Chartered Certified AccountantsAssociation of Chartered Certified Accountants logo
Fundamentals: Exempt from 7 out of 14 papers
Professional: No exemption

Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Ireland

Logo for the Certified Public Accountants Ireland AssociationFoundation 1: Exempt from all 3 papers
Foundation 2: Exempt from all 4 papers
Professional 1: Exempt from 2 out of 6 papers
Professional 2: No exemption

Chartered Institute of Management Accountants in Ireland 
Certificate in Business Accounting: Exempt from all 6 papers
Managerial level: Exempt from 2 out of 6 papers
Strategic level: No exemption

Institute of Taxation in Ireland (ITI)Logo for the Irish Tax Institute
Income Tax Fundamentals: Exempt Financial Reporting & Tax Accounting
Fundamentals: Exempt
Law Fundamentals: Exempt
Capital Gains Tax Fundamentals: No exemption
Part 2: No exemption
Part 3: No exemption

NOTEThis information applies to 2017 graduates. Students who graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Law & Accounting are not in any way prejudiced by virtue of their joint degree and get the same exemptions as any graduate with a degree in Accounting.