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Refresher Course - Methods and Practice

Course Content 

This is an intensive programme for experienced teachers which includes both practical and theoretical elements.  The course consists of both lectures and workshops, while also having a practical component in the form of Teaching Practice.  The Language Workshops are designed to provide practice in the English language using a broad variety of activities, media and teaching techniques.  Working either individually or as part of a group, participants will also have the opportunity to apply what they have learned in a practical way.  The social aspect is also an integral part of the programme as it fosters interaction with a range of people from around the world and is part of being in an International study centre.  

Topics Covered:

  • Recent developments in ELT
  • Teaching methodologies
  • Language awareness
  • Using technology in the ELT classroom/on-line resources 
  • Materials development
  • Classroom management
  • Task-based learning
  • CLIL
  • Exam focus & assessment (external)
  • Challenging student groups
  • Self-study work
  • Project work
  • Cultural awareness (global) 

Minimum Entry Requirement
Participants should normally have an upper-intermediate standard of English (B2 on the Common European Framework).

10 July to 29 July 2017 

3 weeks, 120 hours 

€1,225 + admin fee of €50


Week 1 Mon
10 July
11 July 
12 July 
13 July

14 July 

15 July 

09.00-10.45 Course Introduction & Campus Tour ELT Methodologies  Class Observations  Classroom Management & Interaction Patterns Class Observations Full Day Excursion 
11.15-12.50 Recent ELT World Developments Language Awareness

Feedback & Discussion


Use of Technology in the Classroom

Lesson Planning Integrated Skills  
2.00-3.40 City Tour of Limerick  Portfolio/Project Work  Half Day Excursion  Use of On-line Resources Teaching Preparation 1  


Week 2 Mon 17 July Tue 18 July Wed 19 Jul Thu 20 July Fri 21 July  Sat 22 July 
09.00-10.45 Review of Week 1 & Plan for Week 2 Material Selection Language Development & Awareness Feedback on Teaching Practice, Tips & Recommendations Individual Teaching Practice Full Day Excursion
11.15-12.50 Class Observations Teaching Practice 2 Shared Teaching Practice Preparing Students for Exams Teaching Practice Feedback & Material Development  
2.00-3.00 Language Games/Activities Portfolio/Project Work Half Day Excursion Teaching Practice 3 Portfolio /Project Work  
Week 3 Mon 24 Jul Tue 25 Jul Wed 26 Jul Thu 27 July Fri 28 Jul Sat 29 Jul
09.00-10.45 Review of Week 2 Teaching with Material Resources in the Language Classroom Teaching Practice CLIL/Blended Learning Resources & Forums/Groups Full Day Excursion 
11.15-1250 Task Based Learning Class Observations Feedback & Assesment Teaching Mixed Ability & Large Classes Presentation of Portfolio/Project  
2.00-3.00 Assessing Students Portfolio/Project Work Half Day Excursion Portfolio/Project Work

Afternoon Tea

Evaluation, Discussion & Certificate Ceremony 

Evening       Visiting a Traditional Irish Pub