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Student COVID-19 Request

Project Name - Student COVID-19 Request

What was the Project About?
As part of our COVID-19 Prevention and Control measures, the University, in conjunction and led by the HSE, developed a fantastic initiative to swab-test as many students as possible for COVID-19 in the direct locality surrounding UL.

In alignment with our Medical, HR, Marketing & Communications and Buildings & Estates colleagues, ITD were very much at the forefront in developing and providing the solution to manage the uptake of the student requests.

ITD provided a digital system, which enabled our colleagues in the HSE to input the uptake of students into their HSE systems, in an efficient, secure and GDPR compliant manner.

What did this mean for our Students?
Although, the Student COVID-19 Request initiative was not a mandatory requirement, over an eight day period, as many as 1,062 students submitted a COVID-19 Request prior to Christmas.

The initiative was repeated in February, in what was a further attempt to curb the spread of the virus. Again, the take up from our students was fantastic, with 894 students requesting a COVID-19 swab test.

Status & Success Metric
Phase 1 of the Project is now officially Closed.  

Project Close

Student Submitting a Request