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Printing Large Volumes

Staff of the University, who wish to have documents printed, bound etc. should bring them to the Print-IT (E1-005) where a Job Requirement folder should be completed with all job details and the relevant approved University Cost code.

Student Lecture Notes

Print-IT will print lecture notes that staff wants students to purchase. The student lecture notes will be printed and bound and then sold directly to students at no cost to the staff member or department concerned. Students are charged a fixed price per page. Unsold copies of notes will be charged to the relevant department after a reasonable period.

Submitting your print job:

  • Put your originals into one of the empty Job Requirement folders available in the Print-IT office.
  • Complete the Job Requirement Form, which is attached to the outside of the folder.
  • Indicate whether the job is external/private or Student Lecture Notes.
  • Put your print folder with its attached Job Requirement Form into the container provided outside the Print-IT office.

Print Room Location: E1-005