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P & P 2


Acceptable Usage Policy Provide users with clear guidance on the acceptable, safe and legal way in which they can use the University’s IT & network resources
IT Security policy Maintain confidentiality, ensure availability & maintain integrity of UL IT resources



ITD Data Encryption Procedure Outline the University’s standards for use of encryption technology so that it is used and managed appropriately
ITD Email Management Procedure Ensure the proper use of the University’s Email systems by its employees and students, who are responsible for using this resource in an efficient, effective, ethical and lawful manner.
ITD Personal Devices Procedure Encourage caution when using personally owned devices for work purposes. This document outlines a set of practices and requirements for the safe use of mobile devices and applications in order to reduce the data security risk to both the University and the device owner.
UL Password Standards Establish a standard for creation of strong passwords, the protection of those passwords, and the frequency of change.
ITD Disaster Recovery Procedure Outline the University’s planned approach to recovering critical systems and operations in the event of a disaster and the testing of the plans and procedures in place for such an event.
ITD Mobile Device Procedure Outline a set of practices and requirements for the safe use of mobile devices and applications.
ITD User Access Control Procedure Set out the requirements for creating and managing University IT system user accounts and access requests to computing and network resources
ITD Network Security & Remote Access Procedure Provide detail on Information Technology Division’s (ITD) authority and responsibility for the overall operation and security of the data communications network on behalf of the University and its users
Access to Library e-Resources and Computing Resources by Authorised Users The University registers staff members (whether on a permanent or temporary basis ) including retired members of staff, any teacher who teaches students of the university and contractors of the University as outlined in the UL Identification Cards Policy.
Sharepoint Site Administration and Training There are a number of risks associated with administering SharePoint Sites. Being a site owner is a crucial role within the SharePoint environment. The site owner acts as a ‘security guard’ for the departments’ or committees’ files and is generally responsible for how the site is used, housekeeping and granting access to the data on the site.
MCQ Procedures The Purpose of this procedure is to outline the system in place for ordering and correction of Multiple Choice Question exam papers
Access to Staff Offices by ITD Staff As part of the maintenance and cleaning of the University certain staff are authorised to enter individual offices in the absence of the occupier. The names of these staff are registered with the Buildings Office and Security. 
Lost and Found The official Lost and Found for the University of Limerick is located in Main Reception, block D, and level G in the Main Building of the University of Limerick.
The Ethical and Legal Use of Electronic Copyright Material Ethical and legal guidelines to consider when using copyright works of all authors and publishers in all media such as music, films, software and other literary and artistic works.