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How to record/upload a video to your assignment folder

How to Record/upload a video to the Assignment folder in Sulis.
  1. Login to Sulis.
  2. Select you Sulis site.
  3. Select Panopto from the left hand menu.
  4. Click on the student assignment folder.  (Please note your lecturer should specify the name of this folder).
  5. Press the green Create button.
  6. Choose from one of three options (see full instructions below).
    1. Select Record a new Session if you wish to use the Panopto recorder to create your video presentation. (First time users will need to download and install this tool).
    2. Select Panopto Capture to use the Panopto lightweight capture tool to record directly from your browser (no install required.)
    3. Select upload Media if you have simply wish to upload a video that you have already recorded.
  7. Once your video is uploaded you can edit it online using the Panopto edit tool.  
Please note: Please ensure that you upload your recording to the correct assignment folder, as this will ensure that your lecturer(s) can access your work.