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The new University of Limerick Office 365 environment was enabled on Monday October 21st. With the exception of a small number of complex accounts, all user data has been migrated to the new environment. It is essential that users are now connected to the new Microsoft environment.

Are my OneNote Notebooks synchronising to the new Microsoft environment?
Users should follow the attached guide to verify that their OneNote Notebooks are synchronising to the new Microsoft environment.
(See attached guide)

My OneNote Notebooks are still connected to the old environment, how do I connect to the new environment?
Users who completed the pre-migration steps before October 21st to export OneNote Notebooks to their PC or Laptop but did not complete the post-migration steps to import/sync OneNote notebooks with their new Office 365 account should follow the instructions below.

Users accessing OneNote on a laptop / desktop.

  • Windows Devices (See attached guide)
  • Mac Devices – The import/sync process is not available on the OneNote for Mac client.  You will need to log on to a Windows machine running OneNote 2016, connect to your OneNote notebooks and export the relevant files. (See attached guide)


Users accessing through a mobile app.

After the migration you will be required to Sign Out and then Sign In using your UL user account. 

Users who did not completed the pre-migration steps to export OneNote Notebooks to their PC or Laptop before 5pm on Monday, October 21st will need to log a call through TOPdesk https://ul.topdesk.net ). Click on the ‘Office 365’ menu, select the appropriate option on the right hand menu and complete the online form.