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Microsoft SharePoint

The Information Technology Division are encouraging staff and faculty to use Sharepoint for storing documents that need to be accessed by many people across the University. 

  • SharePoint provides an easy and manageable method for storing documents.  It acts as a central repository for documents.
  • SharePoint provides a method of managing documents through the use of versioning and the Check Out / Check In facility.
  • At a glance you can determine which file you are seeking by the use of Metadata
  • Administrators of the SharePoint site control the access to the site.  The administrator can grant an individual access to the entire SharePoint Site or only to specific areas of the site.
  • Documents are stored in Document Libraries.  There can be many Document Libraries.  There can be many Folders within a Document Library and both Document Libraries and Folders can store documents.
  • SharePoint also has another feature called Lists.   A list is a collection of information that is shared.  Examples of lists include a list of announcements, a list of events (calendar) or a list of contacts - many more lists are available.
  • Another feature of SharePoint is WebParts.  WebParts belong to the homepage of your SharePoint site.  They provide you with a means of organising your information display on the homepage i.e. what information do you want your users to have instant access to.
  • SharePoint Portal is the repository for Exam Papers and Lecture Notes. 

Please refer the HR courses website for details on upcoming courses in SharePoint.  Please note that you will not be issued with a SharePoint site without attending a course on SharePoint.