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Lecture Theatre\Teaching Space computers - Windows 10 Operating System

ITD are currently completing the upgrade of the Operating System running on the Lecture Theatre\Teaching Space computers. The computers will now be running Windows 10.  While Windows 10 has lots of similarities to Windows 7 there are some features that look quite different.  ITD are running training sessions to give an overview of the changes in Windows 10.  We strongly recommend you attend these sessions to get familiar with the new Operating System running in the lecture Theatre\Teaching Spaces.   Location and times of Windows 10 training sessions(1 Hour).

  • Thurs Aug 31st at 09.30 in HSG037
  • Thurs Aug 31st at 14.30 in KBG12‚Äč
  • Fri 01st Sept at 09.30 in KBG12
  • Fri 01st Sept at 14.30 in KBG12 .