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ITD donate computers to Camara

The Information Technology Department is donating Computers to registered charity Camara to improve education in disadvantaged communities around the World.

ITD are delighted to announce a further donation of Computers in their productive working relationship with Camara chosen as UL’s charity of choice when reusing old Computers. This relationship commenced in 2013 and since then almost 300 Computers have been donated to assist Camara in their program to improve education in low income schools in Africa, Ireland and the Caribbean.  

Camara is an International organisation dedicated to using technology to improve education and livelihood skills in disadvantaged communities around the world. With better education it is hoped that these communities will be in a better place to break the cycle of poverty they find themselves in.  UL have donated 291 desktop computers to Camara since 2013. 99 have been shipped for deployment in schools in Ethiopia, Zambia and Tanzania.  Each computer provides 21 children with digital literacy as well as the skills needed to succeed in the 21st century. 40 UL desktops were shipped to Ethiopia on Friday 17th April out of a total of 130 from the most recent donation. The remainder will shortly be refurbished or used for parts and will then be included in future shipments. Mark Fox, Camara wishes to thank UL for supporting their project to tackle poverty through improved access to education. Declan Maguire, IT Services on behalf of ITD is delighted that ITD is able to assist Camara and its worthy objectives.

Note: All hard drives in donated Computers are erased or physically destroyed in compliance with the US DoD standard 5220.22M and NIST 800-88.