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Important Information


Email accounts are provided to staff as a communications tool to enable them to carry out their work at the University of Limerick. It must be noted that email is not a storage tool.

Specifically, emails are considered to be ‘General Correspondence’ in the Retention Schedule of the Records Management & Retention Policy and should only be kept for no more than one year. ‘General Correspondence’ includes but is not limited to circulars regarding announcements/events, newsletters, advertisements, marketing emails, general queries etc.

Where the content of an email and/or attachments fall within another class of record listed in the Retention Schedule (eg minutes of meetings, grading spreadsheets, tender letters/documents, plans/discussion documents etc.), it should be handled, retained and disposed of appropriately as set out in the Schedule.  The records should be saved into the relevant file in the appropriate ITD-supported system eg Sharepoint / OneDrive / relevant File Share.

The original email should not be retained in your mailbox.

Retaining an excessive number of emails in mailboxes greatly increases the risk to the University from data breaches arising from cyber attacks.


  1. Please review the emails held in your staff mailbox (inbox/sent items/subfolders). File off / delete emails as described above.
  2. Do not use your staff mailbox as a storage tool.

Relevant University Policies:

UL Records Management & Retention Policy (and Schedule)
UL IT Security Policy
UL Acceptable Usage Policy
Data Protection Policy