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How to record or upload a video to an Assignment folder in Sulis

Panopto Student Guide – Recording or uploading videos to an assignment folder using Panopto. 

This user guide takes you through the process of recording or uploading a video, as a student, to an Assignment Folder that has been setup by your lecturer in Sulis.
  • Before being able to record to Panopto, your lecturer/tutor must have enabled the Assignment Folder feature in your module in Sulis.
  • Any recording uploaded to the ‘Assignment Folder’ will be private to yourself and your university lecturer(s)/tutor(s). By default, your fellow students will not be able to view your recordings.
  • Please bear in mind that video files tend to be large in size and therefore will take time to upload to the server.  Make sure you give yourself sufficient time for possible delays uploading large video files so as not to miss any submission deadlines.   

Click on the link to download: The Student Video Assignment Guide (PDF).

How do I create/upload a recording?

How to record/upload a video to your assignment folder.

Recording and Upload Options.

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