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Gaming Devices (All Student Residence Villages)

ul_villages_iot network (gaming devices in the Student Residences Areas ONLY)

  • This network should be used for gaming devices

Gaming Devices

  • Students must first have connected to the eduroam network
  • To register your gaming device go to the following link https://guest.ul.ie/guest/auth_login.php
  • Log in using your student ID and computer account password.

Operator Login

  • Create the device you want to connect to the wireless network on the Portal:
  • Select Create Device
  • Enter wireless MAC Address of the device you want to connect to the network
    • PlayStation – settings / system / system information (register wireless MAC address)
    • Xbox -  setting / network / advanced settings (register wireless MAC address)
  • Create a Device Name, Accept Terms of Use

Gaming login

  • After you have created the device you will receive confirmation that the device has been set up.
    [Optional] Select Managed Devices to view, edit or remove the device.

Clear Pass

  • You can now connect the device you just registered to the ul_villages_iot network.