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Cloud Desktop Transformation

Project Name: - Cloud Desktop Transformation Project

What’s the project about?
 The University of Limerick plan to implement a Cloud Desktop solution  to provide additional remote access for students and staff to digital services. Currently, remote access to IT services is provided by a VPN solution.

The purpose of this project is to implement a solution to allow staff and students to access their desktop and applications located on a remote server from anywhere, on any endpoint device. The project will initially focus on a defined set of pilot users and will be rolled out to additional users based on the results from the pilot.

What does it mean for you?
This project will enable students to access software or applications, which are currently available in the ITD managed campus labs, via a remote virtual solution. Staff will be able to access applications like SI, Agresso, and Core HR from any remote location without having to leverage the VPN solution.

The project is in the Plan Phase, status Green.


The following is a summary of the key project activities and their status.

Project Activity