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Clean Guidelines & Maintenance

Cleaning Guidelines

In response to enquiries regarding coronavirus (Covid-19) and best practise for cleaning the common touch areas of devices, the following guidelines for users have been provided.


  • Perform any required shut down procedure and disconnect the device from the mains supply before cleaning
  • Use a soft cloth lightly dampened with an alcohol based cleaner for disinfection. Wipe the parts users may touch such as numerical keys on operation panels, touch screens, covers and handles.
  • Never spray alcohol or any other disinfectants directly on areas where liquids may enter, such as the edges of touch screens or numerical keys. Be sure not to drip any liquid onto these areas.
  • Depending on the type of alcohol or wiping method used, the printer exterior may be discoloured or lose colour, however, the printer function will not be affected.
  • Note that some commercial products such as wet wipes may contain non-alcoholic compositions and therefore are not recommended for use.
  • We do not recommend any brand or manufacturer of alcohol based cleaner. However, it is recommended to use a cleaner that contains a minimum of 60% alcohol.
  • These cleaning guidelines do not guarantee effectiveness against coronavirus.
  • The effectiveness of alcohol-based cleaners should be checked with the manufacturer of the cleaner.
  • Note that alcohol is a flammable liquid. Never use it near a fire.
  • We have produced a video with guidelines of how-to cleaning machines. There are also written practical tips at the link:



Restarting Machines After Prolonged Power Down


  • Replace paper. Paper may have become damp and can cause sheets to stick together causing the machine to jam.
  • Use other cassettes. Should replacing the paper not clear the jam print from an alternative cassette and log a service call.