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Campus WiFi

What’s the project about? ITD are currently carrying out a number of major strategic investments in the University IT infrastructure and systems. The Campus Wi-Fi project is part of this investment and will provide enhanced wireless coverage for all buildings and select outdoor spaces throughout the campus.

To comply with best practice security requirements the current open unauthenticated access to the wireless network via “ulwireless” will be phased out and all students and staff will access the network via eduroam. Eduroam is a secure international roaming infrastructure used by affiliated educational facilities to allow their staff and students to visit other participating institutions and continue to have wireless connectivity.

This project will greatly enhance the teaching and learning experience for the 15,000 students on the campus and provide significant benefits for the staff and guest population who require access to our wireless network.

What does it mean for you? Students and staff will see increased wireless coverage throughout the campus. The quality of the wireless system has been significantly improved and can now support video, voice and data requirements.

All users will transition to accessing the wireless network via the eduroam network, the existing “ulwireless” and “UL Secure” networks will be retired.

Visitors to the university campus will access the wireless network through the new authentication-based Guest solution which has recently been deployed.

Status? The overall project is in the Ramp Phase, status Green. 

Campus Wifi Status

The installation work is complete, the transition to accessing the wireless network via the eduroam network has commenced and will continue throughout 2020.

The following is a summary of the key project activities and their status.

Project Activity

Access to Wireless Services