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Campus Wi-Fi Project 2019

ITD are currently carrying out a number of major strategic investments in the University IT infrastructure and systems. The Campus Wi-Fi project is part of this investment and will provide wireless coverage for all buildings and select outdoor spaces throughout the campus. This initiative will greatly enhance the teaching and learning experience for the 15,000 students on the campus and also provide significant benefits for the staff and guest population who require access to our wireless network on a daily basis.

Increased wireless coverage on campus
In Jan 2019 we started work in the first set of buildings to install the wireless Access Points and associated cables to provide increased wireless coverage. A significant number of buildings have already been completed and wireless coverage will be rolled out to all remaining areas throughout the next few months. Details of the rollout schedule are outlined in the following Campus Map.

Campus Map Wi-Fi Project Rollout Schedule Coverage

Campus Wi-Fi Map

Transition to Eduroam
As part of the project we are also making changes to how users access the wireless system. To comply with security and GDPR requirements all students and staff will transition to access via eduroam (Educational Roaming) which has many benefits and is consistent with other universities throughout the world. The transition to eduroam has commenced and will continue in a phased basis throughout the remainder of 2019. The current secure access via ULsecure and the open unauthenticated access ulwireless will be phased out over time once the transition has been completed. ITD will support users throughout this period. New eduroam users will need to configure their device for eduroam prior to connecting for the first time. Once complete, devices will connect automatically on all subsequent occasions.

Guest Solution
Guests and visitors to the University of Limerick Campus currently access the wireless system via the open unauthenticated network ulwireless. A new solution is being rolled out whereby guests will access the wireless system by connecting to ul_guest. This will bring the guest to the University of Limerick Guest Wi-Fi portal for registration. The process is currently being piloted in the Library and Foundation buildings and will be rolled out to all areas on the Campus from October 2019.