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Postgraduate study

The Hate and Hostility Research Group encourage applications from prospective students interested in pursuing postgraduate studies at the University of Limerick.

While the Group is interested in all aspects of hate crime and hate studies, we are particularly interested in hearing from potential PhD students who are interested in researching one of the following

  • Access to Justice for Minoritised Communities
  • Hate Crime in Minoritised Communities               
  • Frontline Responses to Victims of Hate
  • Third Party Monitoring of Hate Crime
  • Educative Interventions for Hate Crime
  • Legal Frameworks for Addressing Hate Crime

Proposals can come from any discipline, though the expertise of the Group lies in the areas of sociology and law.

Prospective applicants should submit a two page research proposal to hhrg@ul.ie. All applications should be accompanied by a CV and transcript. If you have queries regarding funding and/or scholarships within the Arts Humanties and Social Sciences faculty please see their website for further information or contact Jennifer Schweppe at jennifer.schweppe@ul.ie.