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Homelessness and Social Movements

In December 2016 a group of homeless activists occupied a derelict NAMA-controlled building in Dublin with the intention of converting it into housing for the homeless. The group, operating under the banner of housing group Home Sweet Home, said the building has been occupied as “a last resort… to save lives”. The group put out a call for skilled people including medical staff and tradespeople to help out, a call which drew a significant positive response.

This research seeks to investigate what prompted the activists to occupy that particular building at that particular time and to examine the impact which the involvement of celebrities / musicians had on this process. Finally, it seeks to guage the opinions of those professionals working in Homeless services on such activities. The project takes a qualitative approach, utilising a purposive selection strategy in order to convene and run in-depth qualitative interviews with volunteers and homeless activists in the Apollo House occupation. In addition in-depth qualitative interviews with professionals working with homeless services and a number of key individuals will be undertaken.

For further information contact Martin.J.Power@ul.ie