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Eva Devaney Bio

I am currently a PhD researcher at the department of Sociology at the University of Limerick, Department of Sociology and a holder of an Irish Research Council Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship. The working title of my thesis is "Governing the family: State discourses and professional practices in the making of Irish drug policy 1971 - 2016". Using a Foucauldian theoretical perspective I trace how ‘families’ have been represented and problematised as drug policy has evolved; how professionals negotiate contemporary policy through their practices; and, I analyse the implications for how governing takes place.

My PhD supervisors are Dr. Orla McDonnell and Dr. Amanda Haynes.

My current research interests include governmentality, sociology of health and illness, drug policy, drug prevention and education.

Selected Publications
(2017) ‘The emergence of the affected family member in drug policy discourse: A Foucauldian perspective’, Drugs: Education, Prevention & Policy, forthcoming.
(2013) ‘Tackling social and health inequalities: vulnerability among the young lesbian, gay and bisexual population in Ireland’ (with Mannix-McNamara P., O’Grady E., and Jourdan D.) Psychology & Sexuality, 4, 3, 268-82.

Recent Conference Presentations
(2016) ‘Governing families: Professionals’ interpretation and negotiation of drug policy discourse’, European Society for Social Drug Research Annual Conference, Frankfurt, 22-24 September.
(2016) ‘Governing Families: Representations of parents who use drugs in contemporary Irish drug, health and family policy’, British Sociological Association Medical Sociology, Birmingham, 7-9 September.
(2015) ‘The role of health promotion in drug prevention’, Invited Keynote Address at Bray Drugs Awareness Month Community Conference, Bray, November 25th.
(2015) ‘Risky or resourceful: representations of the family as a ‘problem’ in contemporary Irish drug policy’, at Third Contemporary Drug Problems Conference, Lisbon, Portugal, September 16-18.
(2015) ‘The ‘problem’ of ‘family’ in Irish drug policy’, at 12th European Sociological Association Conference, Prague, Czech Republic, August 25-28.