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Luke Bleka Testimonial MA Gender

"The University of Limerick‚Äôs (UL) Gender, Culture and Society course has been very informative and given me new perspective on both major world issues and on how we may research them. This is a subject which men (particularly straight men) are often socially discouraged from taking to preserve their own social image. I have found this course to be very welcoming and the environment to be very inclusive, with my classmates keeping in regular contact and supporting each other. The teachers have also been very supportive having geared the course contents to reflect the practices as well as the contents of the research subjects, and expecting more of their students in terms of quality and effort. For example, while I used to have difficulty understanding qualitative research, I have come to understand not only how but why it is practiced and of what benefit it can be. I would highly recommend this UL program!"  -- (Luke Bleka American student on MA GCS@UL programme 2016/7).