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Alena Kiel Testimonial

"The MA in Gender, Culture & Society at UL was the perfect choice to allow me to continue my studies surrounding the representation of transgender people in popular culture by giving me access to a wide range of modules across disciplines. The most important aspect of the program was that I was able to move beyond the basics of ‘gender as a social construct’ into the very real, radical ways we can, given the knowledge base formed as part of the MA, educate the rest of the world to be more tolerant and accepting of gender beyond binaries, and the ways in which resistance to transphobia and heteronormativity can be broadened in myriad important ways to combat other problematic areas of society such as racism, religious intolerance, and class inequality. I would very highly recommend this program to anyone with a strong interest in gender and a desire to do challenging and meaningful work in this sphere of academia."   -- (Alena Kiel, American student on MA GCS@UL 2015/6 currently PhD student at UL).