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Student Vetting Undergraduate

Undergraduate students are required to download the following vetting documents and proceed as per instructions in the Undergraduate Information Cover letter:

Undergraduate Student Vetting Information Cover Letter 

National Vetting Bureau Vetting Invitation (NVB1)  - this is an initial short form. A link to the full online vetting application form will be sent to you by the National Vetting Bureau once this form has been processed by UL.

UL Photographic Identity Form 2  - which has to be certified as directed prior to submission

National Vetting Bureau Parent/Guardian Consent Form (NVB3) - only if you are under 18 years of age

You will also be required to submit a utility bill as proof of your home address and you may be required to submit a Police Clearance Certificate if you have lived abroad for more than 6 months since over 16 years of age. Further details can be found in the Information Cover Letter.

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