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A Typology of the Commons. Presentation by Dr. Vangelis Papadimitropoulos

A Typology of the Commons

The purpose of this presentation is to situate Dr. Papadimitropoulos' current research on the Cloughjordan ecovillage in the broader context of the Collaborative Economy, expanded today by Commons-based peer production. He will illustrate a typology of the Commons, outlining their basic features and hybrid socio-economic forms, including the Digital Commons. He will then focus on their central political, economic and legal aspects. Finally, he will refer to the current problems of the Commons and offer some indicative solutions aiming towards a Commons-oriented sustainable economy. 

Vangelis Papadimitropoulos holds a Ph.D. in political philosophy. His current research focuses on the interrelation of contemporary political theory (liberalism, post-marxism, post-modernism) with the emergence of a Collaborative Economy, enhanced by the Internet and free/open source software/hardware on the model of Commons-based peer production. He has published extensively on political theory, digitization, economics and the Commons.

Currently, he is based in Amsterdam and is affiliated with the Free University of Amsterdam as a post-doctoral researcher.
Between January and April 2018, Vangelis is visiting the Interaction Design Centre as part of a COST Short Term Scientific Mission. His visit is funded by the CA16121 Sharing and Caring COST action (, and he is working on the Sustainability and Resilience in the Collaborative Economy project ( ).

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