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Research Postgraduate Programmes

The CSIS Department offers postgraduate research programmes leading to the award of MSc and PhD in areas such as Software Engineering, Computational Linguistics, Computational Musicology and Computer Music, Human-Centred Computing, Software Localisation, Bio-Computing, Robotics, and Visualisation and Graph Drawing.

There are several internal and external opportunities for funding/scholarships for suitably qualified candidates.

Taught Postgraduate Programmes

The CSIS Department offers taught postgraduate courses in a variety of areas. The department has particular strengths in digital media, software localisation and software engineering. In full-time mode the taught programmes take a full calendar year. The vast majority of these programmes have attracted substantial funding under the Postgraduate Skills Initiative which results in reduced fees for EU-students.

Available Courses

LM338 - MSc in Software Engineering
If you would like to be at the cutting-edge of software engineering innovation and to architect and design the next generation of software systems then this programme could be for you. If you wish to enhance your career prospects in the software engineering sector or to position yourself to work in research and development then you should consider the MSc in Software Engineering. course details

LM635 - MSc in Health Informatics
Are you a Health Care Administrator, Health Care Manager, Health Care Professional or an IT Specialist with experience of working in a health care setting?  If so, you may wish to consider applying for the M.Sc. in Health Informatics. course details

LM345 - MA/MSc in Interactive Media
The M.Sc./M.A. in Interactive Media is a 12-months intensive course that is designed specifically for graduates who are interested in pursuing studies that combine technological competence with design/artistic endeavour. It offers unique opportunities for designers, computer scientists and artists to exploit their potential in new areas. course details

LM802 MSc in Game Design & Development
The Masters of Science in Game Design & Development at the University of Limerick is Ireland’s most advanced game design and development master’s course. With a solid foundation of computer science, the programme is designed and led by award-winning game designer and educator Brenda Romero. course details

MSc/MA Art and Technology   
With an emphasis on the latest technological advances ‐ including computation, digital fabrication, robotics, and virtual reality ‐ the MA/MSc in Art and Technology offers a space to engage critically with the political, social and cultural implications of technology. course details

MSc in Software Development: International Systems
Targeted at students with a non-software-development background - this course provides students with the opportunity to combine their previous studies and experience with the skills, technical knowledge and expertise required to participate in building high-quality software systems for international markets. course details

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