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LM122 - BSc in Creative Media and Interaction Design (Common Entry)

                                 LM122 - BSc Creative Media and Interaction Design (Common Entry)

LM122 Creative Media & Interaction Design At A Glance

Common Entry
  • B.Sc. Music Media and
    Performance Technology
  • B.Sc. Digital Media Design
Duration: 4 Years
CAO: 337

2 X H5 + 4 O6 or 4 H7
Subjects must include Mathematics, Irish or another language and English.
Minimum O3/H7 in Mathematics.
Why Study
Creative Media
What is
Interaction Design
What is
Why Study
Is LM122
For You?

Why Study Creative Media and Interaction Design?

Technologies have become a huge part of daily life. These technologies need to be accessible and easy to use. Creative Media and Interaction Design is a human centred approach to computing technologies that mixes technology and art. It connects to many different things from app design to sound engineering to improving societal issues through design. All these areas are growing in size in today’s world.

What is Interaction Design?

Interaction design is the creation of a useful and satisfactory relationship between a user of a product and the product itself. A product should hold the interest of the user, be easy to use and accessible to all. This holds true for all designs be it a mobile application, a physical object or an instrument. For example, the set of steps taken to open a messaging app and send a message should be a process that is designed to be completed without much thought. When well designed, the use of an object is intuitive.

What is LM122 Creative Media and Interaction Design [Common Entry]?

LM122 Creative Media and Interaction Design is a common first semester which provides students with an opportunity to explore the options for their final degree. The options being:

Music Media and Performance Technology: brings together art and technology. It deveops the technical and creative skills
required to be successful media practitioners in the music, video and media industries.
Digital Media Design brings together society and technology. It develops the technical, creative and analytical skills
needed to be successful media design practitioners in both the Irish and global digital media industries.

The first semester gives students a foundation in both pathways.

B.Sc. Music Media and Performance Technology

General information on the Course and Student Testimonials and a list of Modules

BSc. Digital Media Design

General information on the Course and Student Testimonials and a list of Modules

Why Study LM122 At UL?

  1. UL is The Sunday Times University of the Year 2019
  2. Graduates are in high demand in the public and private sector
  3. Cooperative Education: industry placement typically for 8 months in year 3.
  4. There are Learning Centres, Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) Learning Centre and Mathematics Learning Centre, both of which provide students with free additional support
  5. Excellent Mac and PC Labs.
  6. Lecturers are a part of excellent research cetres that feed into teaching:
    1. Lero – the Irish Software Engineering Research Centre is hosted in UL
    2. DMARC – The Digital Media and Arts Research Centre
  7. Faculty that are internationally recognised for expertise in their fields of research.
  8. The emergence of the Shannon and Mid-West region as a software hub.

What Are The Subjects Covered In LM122?

Click here to view the first semester modules

Is LM122 The Course For You?

Are you creative and imaginative? Do you want to create new things using technology and improve existing creations to make them easier to use and more accessible for everyone? Do you want to learn how digital technologies are used and can make a difference in people’s lives?

LM122 Creative Media and Interaction Design [Common entry] does not assume that you have prior experience. However, some knowledge of wire frame app design and/or computer programs such as Ableton or Pro Tools is recommended as it leads to a more informed CAO decision.

Career opportunities

Music Media and Performance Technology: multimedia programmer-artist, software developer for digital art applications, sound and video engineer, video editor, audio-visual post production, radio and television broadcasting, audio-visual artist, researcher in media, music and visuals

Digital Media Design: interaction designer, user experience designer, web designer; social media specialist; user interface designer; usability specialist; multimedia developer; multimedia project coordinator; design consultant; interaction design researcher

More Information

More details about LM122 on the UL Prospectus.

More details on the pathways on the Admissions Website.

How Do I apply?

Non-EU applicants should apply through the Graduate School Website

For mature and all other applicants see UL Admissions

Contact Information

Course director: Neil O'Connor
Phone number: +353 61 202381