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How to Practice Effective Online Teaching

Matteo Sacchet

Talk by Dr. Matteo Sacchet

Wednesday 25th September at 11h00 in T3-013, Tierney Building


Online teaching is essential for many purposes and for many institutions, mainly Universities. Then it is important for the instructor, to keep in mind some basic principles in every phase of the teaching process. From the design to the assessment, the learner can face many difficulties. That's why there are many (a lot of) different topics related to online teaching.
In this talk, some tips about online teaching will be presented, mainly related to the experience of the start@unito project at the University of Turin (Italy), an open online platform which delivers 50 online university modules.


Matteo Sacchet is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Turin and at the University of Limerick. Always interested in Technology Enhanced Learning, after his PhD in Mathematics, he participated in important projects about learning and teaching with digital technologies, both at the local level, with the project Digital Math Training, at the national level, with the project Problem Posing and Solving, and at the international level, with the project SMART "Science and Mathematics Advanced Research for good Teaching".
In 2017, for two years, he managed the start@unito project of the University of Turin, training university staff regarding different aspects of creating freely accessible online university modules.
His research domain is Digital Education, in particular teaching and learning STEM disciplines with new technologies.

Matteo Sacchet
Department of Mathematics "G. Peano"
Via Carlo Alberto 10, 10123 Torino