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HOW TO DRAW A GRAPH…..REVISITED - Talk by Prof Peter Eades


Friday 5th April at 14h00 in CSG-027 CSIS Department

William Thomas Tutte created one of the first Graph Drawing Algorithms, described in his 1963 paper, "How to draw a graph". Tutte's algorithm computes the positions of vertices using linear equations. In this talk we review Tutte's algorithm and the extension of his algorithm to weighted edges. We discuss the complexity and stability of the algorithm. The algorithm can be used to as a tool for a number of problems in information visualization, such as animation in-betweening, clustering, focus content views and constrained layout. The algorithm is also useful as a technique in the mathematical theory of geometric graphs.

Peter Eades is an Emeritus Professor in the School of Computer Science at the University of Sydney, known for his research in Graph Drawing. He gained his PhD from the Australian National University in 1978, and has worked in Universities and Research Institutes across the world.