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2001 Technical Reports

An Optimal Solution to Dimension-Constrained Graph Layering

AUTHOR(s): Patrick Healy and Nikola S. Nikolov

ABSTRACT: We consider the problem of layering directed acyclic graphs subject to dimension constraints. With the goal of minimising the sum of edge spans we develop an Integer Linear Programming formulation that layers the graph accurately according to the specified dimensions...
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Sensing the Position & Orientation of Hand-Held Objects: An Overview of Techniques

AUTHOR(s): Krispin Leydon
Technical Report, 2001
Interaction Design Centre
CSIS Department
University of Limerick
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8th Annual Research Conference, 2001, CSIS

An Introduction to the papers presented at the 8th Annual Research Conference, 10th September 2001, CSIS UL.
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New Technologies New Professions - The Irish Experience

Authors: Kevin Ryan and Deas
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