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1990 Technical Reports

An Annotated Bibliography of the COMAL Language

Author: J. John Gorman. COMAL was first proposed as a programming language for use in schools 25 years ago in Denmark, but is still only known and used by pockets of enthusiasts. This bibliography should serve both to indetify the many intorductory articles at least one of which should be accessible to almost every reader, and also provide pointers for those who wish to go further into the litereature.
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Intelligent CAL

Author: J. John O'Gorman. Poor Results in using CAL material can
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A Methodology for Reverse Engineering

AUTHOR: J. John O'Gorman. ABSTRACT: Reverse Engineering has dubious connotations, but some justifying features are outlined, and a methodology proposed for analysing an "unseen" piece of code or data...
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A Case STudy in Portability

AUTHOR: J. John O'Gorman | Computer Assisted Instruction is a fairly recent development in computer applications. It aims to enhance...
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