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Your Responsibilities

9.         Your Responsibilities

 9.1       Updating your details: The GDPR requires that personal data is accurate. Please let the University know if your contact details change. If we do not have the correct contact details, we cannot take responsibility if we are unable to provide you with any information you require, for example, missing an exam or deadline resulting in serious consequences.

9.2       Processing Personal Data: You must comply with the University’s Data Protection Policy and the GDPR if, as a student, you have access to the personal data of others; or if you wish to collect or process any personal data as part of your studies or research. You must ensure that you notify and seek approval from your supervisor and the relevant University Research Ethics Committee if required, before any processing occurs. If you are processing personal data other than as part of your studies, you should contact the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner (Supervisory Authority) as you will not be covered under the University’s registration. You can contact that Office at or by writing to the Data Protection Commissioner, Canal House, Station Road, Portarlington, Co. Laois.

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