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Why the University Holds Your Personal Data

1.         Why the University Holds Your Personal Data

1.1       The University must process your personal data in order to provide educational services through its teaching, research and associated academic and administrative activities, for example, recruitment of students, provision of programmes of study, examinations, engaging with accrediting bodies and Government agencies such as the Higher Education Authority and Department of Education & Skills.

1.2       As part of its administrative activities and in order to ensure a safe and secure campus for you and your fellow students, the University processes personal information through the use of CCTV to monitor and collect images for the purposes of security, the prevention and detection of crime and, where necessary, to assist with serious disciplinary matters.

1.3       Other circumstances in which the University processes your personal data include the sharing of only the required level of data with the UL Students’ Union/Postgraduate Students’ Union and the UL Alumni Association in order to facilitate your membership of these bodies.   

1.4       In addition, the University will process your personal data in order to promote University programmes of study; extracurricular services; circulation of UL Links Magazine; the undertaking of research, fundraising etc. and in these circumstances your explicit consent will be sought to enable such processing.

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