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Retention of Data After You Graduate

7.         Retention of Data After You Graduate

7.1       The University retains all personal data in accordance with its Records Management and Retention Policy. The University will need to maintain some records relating to you after you graduate in order to provide services to you as a graduate of the University. This includes: verifying your award, providing transcripts of your marks, opportunities for further study, academic references, careers support, alumni and networking services

7.2       Alumni: When you graduate/complete your course, you will automatically be included as a member of the University’s Alumni Association, UL Alumni. You will receive emails from Alumni about the benefits of staying in touch. The UL Alumni webpage provides further information as to how your personal data will be used and how you can opt out from communications.

7.3       Data that is not required to fulfil the services the University will provide to you after you graduate will be securely deleted in accordance with the University’s Records Management & Retention Policy.

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