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Lawful Basis for University Processsng Personal Data

3.         Lawful Basis for University Processing Personal Data

3.1       Data Protection law requires that the University must have a valid lawful basis in order to process personal data. The University relies on a number of such bases as follows:

3.1.1   The provision of a contract - much of the personal information the University processes is necessary to meet its commitments to you, for example, processing your data in relation to teaching, assessment and associated administration. The following sets out the main purposes of which we process your personal data in the provision of a contract:

  • Recruitment and admission of students;
  • Provision of teaching and associated academic services including examinations, progression and related administration;
  • Facilitating accreditation with professional & industrial bodies;
  • Managing and administrating students educational contracts;
  • Recording and managing student conduct (including disciplinary procedures);
  • Maintaining student records;
  • Management and administration of student finance (including tuition fees, bursaries and scholarships);
  • Graduation – type and status of graduate awards are publicly acknowledged at University of Limerick conferring ceremonies and are published in the University's conferring booklet; Graduation ceremonies are regarded as public events and may be recorded and/or live streamed by the University.
  • Delivering plagiarism checking and academic validation services;
  • Providing services necessary for the student experience (Including Library, IT and communication services);
  • Providing support and maintenance services (including IT);
  • Safeguarding and promoting welfare of students;
  • Dealing with grievances and disciplinary actions;
  • Dealing with complaints and enquiries;
  • Providing careers and placement advice and services;
  • Providing/offering facilities and services to you during your time as a student and thereafter as part of the University’s business (e.g. library access, computing, UL Students’ Unions, Alumni membership and activities);
  • Service improvement via feedback and surveys;
  • Internal reporting and record keeping;
  • Responding to data access requests you make;
  • Inclusion in the University’s Outlook directory, website;
  • Providing student support services including:
    • Disability and learning support services; - Careers and employment advice and services;
      • Health and wellbeing services;
      • University SMS text messaging system: as a registered student, you will be automatically added to the list to receive texts regarding University-related information, for example, cancellation/ rescheduling of lectures, exam reminders etc. If you are not interested in receiving text alerts from us, you can opt out of this service in the Student Portal by changing your preferences in your Personal Details page. Regardless of the foregoing, the University will send you an SMS text message in the event of an emergency, where possible.
    • University email distribution lists: as a registered student you will automatically be added to a number of email distribution lists to enable the University to manage its operations and provide the full range of services to you. An opt-out option is not permitted for these operations and core services.

3.1.2   The fulfilment a legal obligation – the University must process your personal data when required to do so under Irish/EU law, for instance:

  • sharing information with statutory bodies like the Higher Education Authority;
  • Monitoring equal opportunities;
  • Providing safety and operational information;
  • Performing audits;
  • Preventing and detecting crime;
  • Administration of insurance and legal claims;
  • Garda vetting;
  • Creation of reports and statistics which the University is required to return to Government Depts. etc;

3.1.3   To protect the vital interest of you or another person - under extreme circumstances the University would share your personal data with third parties to protect your interests or those of another person, for example,

  • Providing medical or emergency contact information to emergency services personnel;
  • Contacting you or your next of kin, in case of an emergency;
  • Use of CCTV systems on campus to assist in safeguarding your personal safety and security and to aid the prevention, deterrence and detection of crime.

3.1.4   The performance of a public task - the University may process your personal data where necessary and expedient in accordance its functions and objects, for example,

  • Providing Personal Data to the recognised Students’ Union and Postgraduate Students’ Union.

.3.1.5   Consent - under certain circumstances, the University will only process your personal data with your explicit consent. Explicit consent requires you to make a positive, affirmative action and be fully informed about the matter to which you are consenting, for example:

  • Providing information on UL courses and other programmes of study that may be of interest and benefit to students, applicants and other interested parties; 
  • Promoting the University’s services (e.g. summer schools, student exchanges, or other events happening on and off campus);
  • Marketing, including images, online, in print and on social media; publications, invitations and other communications (eg UL Links etc); e-news and flash emails; the promotion of University events;
  • References: Academic staff may agree to provide a reference for you if you apply for a job or further study. You should ensure that the requesting organisation is in a position to provide the academic staff member with a copy of your signed consent to the issuing of your reference to them;
  • Participating in third party surveys.

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