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Newsletter February 2006


The Irish College in Leuven continues to be a unique resource for the MA European Integration programme at the University of Limerick. The annual field trip provides programme participants with a chance to interact, and find potentially fruitful contacts, with policy makers in and around the EU institutions. This year (5th-10th February) ten students from our MA European Integration class enjoyed seminars on a wide range of topics: social policy; EU enlargement; illegal trafficking of persons; counter-terrorism policy; trade relations with South East Asia; and EU relations with Russia, the USA and the Balkans. A popular feature of the five-day programme is the visit by graduates of the programme who come to talk about “where I got to where I am now”. This year Carol McGinley of the lobby group ICOS explained how the MA European Integration had laid a firm basis for her varied and successful career in Brussels – first in the European Parliament and now working in ICOS. The field trip was again led by Eddie Moxon-Browne (CEUROS Director) and assisted by CEUROS postgrads Deirdre Kelleher, Sharon Nolan and Alina Georgescu as well as Thai PhD candidate Utai Uprasen from the EU-Asia Research Centre at UL (Director: Bernadette Andreosso). This year, for the first time ever, the MA programme’s external examiner who is now Prof Frank Delmartino at KU Leuven (see below) dropped in to meet the students and gave a seminar on “The Future of the European Constitution” (not such a short talk as some had expected!). Financial support for the annual field trip again came from UL’s Department of Politics and Public Administration – assistance without which the trip would be impossible.


Recent visitors to the CEUROS website will have seen many innovations. Firstly, all the CEUROS newsletters going back to November 2004 are now stored in a special archive for easy back-reference. Secondly, hyper-links take webpage visitors directly to over 50 European Centres of Excellence worldwide. Thirdly, for researchers, the hyper-links to the EU institutions, UACES and other organisations will be especially useful. Fourthly, descriptions of the BA and MA programmes can be more easily accessed. Fifth, a list of current researchers, their fields of research, and mentors are listed. Thanks are due to our web-person Deirdre Kelleher who was appointed in August 2005 to update, improve and develop the CEUROS website which is our gateway to the rest of the world and has become increasingly important as the key to maintaining and strengthening our links to partner institutions in every continent. Hardly a day passes that enquiries don’t come in to CEUROS seeking a variety of services, information and opportunities.


Seoul National University (SNU) in South Korea has just heard that is to be the site of a new Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence located within their Graduate School of International Studies. Under Professor Woosik Moon’s leadership an ambitious programme of events is envisaged for the next seven years. As one the earliest Jean Monnet Centres of Excellence in Europe, CEUROS is pleased to be associated with new Centre in Seoul: among international partners cited in the Seoul application were Bernadette Andreosso (CEUROS and Euro-Asia Centre) Philomena Murray (CERC Melbourne) and Frank Delmartino (Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence in Leuven) all of whom are currently involved in the CEUROS EU-Australia research project announced last year. The Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence in Seoul will build on existing links to become a major hub for European integration studies in Asia. Links between CEUROS and Seoul National University are already well-established: Professor Woosik Moon has visited Limerick, and Professor Bernadette Andreosso has lectured in South Korea.


Deirdre Kelleher has been successful in her application for a stage at the European Commission in Brussels . She will be working in a unit called ADEK which is in DG Education and Culture and deals with former stagiaires. Like all stagiaires she will have wide-ranging acces to personnel and documentation that will be useful for her PhD research on EU social policy. Her experience with the CEUROS website and the CEUROS Newsletter will also prove invaluable. Her stage begins in March 2006.


The Academic Cooperation Association (ACA) is organising the annual ACA conference 2006 in cooperation with its Norwegian member (SIU). The two-day conference will take place in scenic Bergen on 19 and 20 June 2006. The conference aims to attract about 250 participants from the higher education world in Europe and beyond. It is intended to be an interactive event, with plenary sessions and collateral workshops.
The theme of the conference is the relative attractiveness of European higher education in the global context. The core question is whether or not Europe is the “most favoured destination of students, scholars and researchers” as the Lisbon strategy wants it to become, and what must be done to further consolidate and improve its position as an academic magnet. For more information on the conference, visit


Where is the European Union Heading?
Brussels 9 February 2006-01-27

Inclusion/Exclusion: 7th Postgraduate Conference
London 16-18 February 2006
Contact: School of Slavonic and East European Studies

European Voice EU Studies Fair
Bruissels 18 February 2006-01-27
Contact: European Voice

Travails of the Eurozone
Edinburgh 24 March 2006

Nations and their pasts
London 28-29 March 2006-01-27
Contact: Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism

International Conference Council for European Studies
Chicago 29 March 2 April 2006-01-27
Contact: Council for European Studies Columbia University

What Kind of Europe? 7th Biennial ECSA-Canada
Victoria BC Canada 19-20 May 2006

Is Democracy Working? 20th IPSA World
Fukuoka Japan 9-13 July 2006-01-27

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Limerick 31 August 2 September 2006

1st ECPR Graduate Conference
Colchester 7-9 September 2006
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Cergyu-Pontoise (nr Paris) 14-16 September 2006

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