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Undergraduate courses

*Important Information*  The entry route to LM061, LM064 and LM066 is VIA common entry LM123

From 2017, entry to Biological and Chemical Sciences programmes within the School of Natural Sciences will be via the CAO code LM123, common entry. Having selected LM123 (Biological and Chemical Sciences), which constitutes a common first year, students will be requested to rank the degree programmes in order of preference during Semester 2. In the event that a programme is over- subscribed, places will be allocated based on UL exam performance.
Once selected and assigned, students can then pursue Pharmaceutical and Industrial Chemistry, Industrial Biochemistry, Environmental Science or Bioscience. Students who pursue one of these degree programmes will graduate with the requisite degree e.g. BSc Industrial Biochemistry, BSc Bioscience, BSc Pharmaceutical and Industrial Chemistry or BSc Environmental Sciences.

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