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SFI Researcher of the Year 2017

SFI Researcher of the Year 2017

The SFI Researcher of the Year Award recognises the accomplishments of a Science Foundation Ireland funded researcher who has contributed significantly to the Irish research community in their career. The successful researcher has achieved exceptional scientific and engineering research outputs combined with a clear demonstration of the ability to communicate their research.

Recipient: Prof Mike Zaworotko, Science Foundation Ireland Research Professor, University of Limerick

SFI Research Professor Mike Zaworotko is the Bernal Chair of Crystal Engineering in the University of Limerick. Focusing on fundamental and applied aspects of crystal engineering, Prof Zawortoko’s research has many potential applied uses in pharmaceuticals, clean tech and energy. On receiving the SFI Researcher of the Year Award, Prof Zaworotko said; “The investments that have been made in science and technology funding in recent years mean that there is a rising tide of globally impactful science and engineering research in Ireland. There are many deserving researchers for this prestigious award, which means that I am delighted and honoured to receive the award. I look forward to making further contributions to the "rising tide" of Irish science.” He has recently been announced as the new co-director of the SFI Research Centre SSPC.

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