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Upcoming Event

UL Athena SWAN Workshop
Tuesday 7th November,
Time11h00 to 13h00
Library Board Room.
Sarah Fink, Equality Challenge Unit.
Read more about Sarah Fink  here

Previous Events

Transition Year Work Experience Opportunities Programme

The Faculty of Science and Engineering offers a week long science programme for Transition Year Students (female participants are particularly encouraged to apply) from 27th November - 1st December 2017.
Participants in the programme will get to experience all aspects of science offered by the University of Limerick.
The closing date for applications is the 27th October 2017. You can download the application form

Post-Doctoral Teaching Experience

As part of the Athena Swan Postdoctoral Athena Swan Focus Group we have identified that gaining teaching experience is a key element of professional development for Postdoctoral Fellows. This was particularly evident amongst female postdoctoral fellows. Role out of Postdoctoral Teaching Programme

CS Opportunities Programme

Last year we piloted a successful ‘opportunities’ to teach programme within the department for Postdoctoral Fellows. This involved identifying Postdoctoral Fellows who wanted to gain experience of teaching within some of our programmes. We provided mentoring on the module, lecture notes to address the lectures, mentoring on how to deliver, a view of the module examination system and how exam papers are prepared to address the module. In addition we also exposed fellows to running laboratories, how one interacts with Technical Officers, Safety within Laboratories teaching undergraduates and translating the Laboratory manuals into the delivery of labs. The ‘opportunities programme consisted of giving up to four lectures and tutorials and one week of laboratory delivery. This was then followed by an assessment of the delivery and performance (only for the participant). The department then provided a letter of evidence of participation. Feedback from the participants was very positive. 

We are planning to role this out again this term on a limited basis in line with our Athena Swan aspirations of providing such opportunities, and based on discussions with the postdoctoral focus group.

If interested in participating later this term or indeed next the Postdoctoral Fellow should:
1)         Seek permission from their supervisor or manager to participate.
2)         Send a one page CV with your particular interests based on examining of the departments programmes (  ).

The department will then choose participants based on available of mentors in the particular areas of interest and which semester the module is in.
Send CV to

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