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Ruth Kelly - Publications

Kelly, R., Moles, R., 2000. Towards Sustainable Development in the Mid-West Region of Ireland, Environmental Management and Health Vol.11, Issue 5,  pp. 422-432 ; ISSN: 0956-6163 (Winner of a Literati Club Award for Excellence 2001)

Kelly, R. and Moles, R. (2000) Using the Concept of Sustainability in Regional Environmental Management in Ireland, Environmental Practice, Vol. 2, Issue 3, pp. 227-229.

Kelly, R., O'Regan, B., 2000. Environmental Management - both a Commercial and Moral Priority, The Health & Safety Review, Vol. 5, No. 7, pp. 24-26.

Kelly, R. and Moles, R. (2000) Local Agenda 21 in the Mid-West Region of Ireland, Local Authority News, Vol. 18, No. 5, pp. 3-4.

Kelly, R., 1999. Sustainable Development for Future of Mid-West. In: Irish Farmers Journal, Vol. 51, No. 41, p10-11.

Kelly, R., Moles, R., 1999. Development of a Range of Environmental Management Systems for Irish Local Authorities. In: Biology and Environment - Proceedings of the Ninth Environmental Researchers Colloquium, Ireland, Vol. 99B, No. 2, p109-169.

Kelly, R., Moles, R., 1999. Constructing Local Environmental Initiatives, S. Buckingham-Hatfield & S. Percy (Ed.s), Book Review. In: Journal of Environmental Management and Planning, Vol. 42, No. 5, p767-773.


Kelly, R., O'Regan, B., Moles, R., Ravetz, J. and D. McEvoy, 2001.  Report to the Irish Environmental Protection Agency & the Irish National Spatial Strategy Unit: Methodologies for the Estimation of Sustainable Settlement Size in the Irish Context.  Research funded under the Environmental RTDI scheme.