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Dr. Tom O'Dwyer - Publications

Refereed Journal papers

O’Dwyer T.F. and Hodnett B.K., 1995, Recovery of Chromium from Tannery Effluents using an Adsorption Approach, J. Chemical Technology and Biotechnology, Vol 62, 30-37

O’Dwyer T.F. and Kelleher B.P. (submitted Oct 1999), Intercalation of Benzamide into an Expanded Kaolinite Clay, J. Material Science

Published Conference Proceeding Papers

O’Dwyer T.F., O’Donoghue D., Pembroke T, Young T., June 2000, Novel Approaches to Combat Insect Contamination on Hybrid Laminar Flow Control Wings, European DragNet Reduction Conference, Potsdam, Germany

O’Dwyer T.F., Kelleher B., May 2000, Preparation & Characterisation of a Kaolinite Intercalation Compound Under Ambient Environmental Conditions, 53rd Chemistry Research Colloquium, University College Cork.

O’Dwyer T.F., O’Donoghue D., Pembroke T, June 1999, Decontamination of Leading Edge Surfaces on Aircraft Wings, Hyltec Seminar, University of Limerick