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Dr. Tom O'Dwyer Bio

Research Interests

Environmental Monitoring and Modelling

  • Monitoring techniques
  • Pollutant transport and fate in the environment and associated modelling
  • Environmental model design and software development for teaching purposes

Clean Technology

  • Development of adsorbent / catalytic materials for application in the area of pollution abatement
  • Environmentally compatible techniques for reducing surface contamination

Projects/ Funding / Collaboration

  • Ph.D.Thesis by Brian Kelleher (commenced Sept. ‘97)
    The Development of Selective Adsorbents for Groundwater Pollutants
    Funded by Enterprise Ireland and University of Limerick
  • M.Sc.Thesis by David O’Donoghue (commenced June ‘98)
    Methods for Minimisation of Surface Contamination on Aircraft Wings
    Funded by EU Brite-Euram. Collaborating with AST, Daimler-Benz, Sonaca, British Aerospace
  • M.Sc.Thesis by Janice O’Brien (commencing Sept ’00)
    Development of Solid Regenerable Catalytic Adsorbents for Treatment of Organic Compounds in Wastewaters
    Funded by Materials & Surface Science Institute. Collaborating with Dr. Teresa Curtin CES Dept.


Post Graduate Research Students

Brian Kelleher

Janice O'Brien