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Dr. Richard Moles Bio

Current projects

Environmental management

  1. Within the international base metal mining industry, system dynamics modelling of the decision making process, so as to evaluate the significance of environmental policy within investment decisions. A working model has been completed.
  2. Sustainability indicators for the Mid-west Region: development of a set of indicators which are considered most important by community groups, are acceptable to Local Authorities, and are capable of quantification and monitoring.
  3. Environmental risk assessment of abandoned mine sites and active mine sites. Development of a computerised system for the assessment of risk associated with these sites. Testing of the system through detailed study of Silvermines abandoned mine site and various active mine sites within Ireland.


  1. Biodiversity within Burren grasslands. Identification of factors important within the maintenance of species rich limestone grasslands. Identification of management prescriptions which might be expected to maintain biodiversity within these grasslands.
  2. Biodiversity maintenance within lowland farmland using birds as indicators: the relationship between field boundary habitats and avifauna biodiversity.
  3. Restoration of species rich communities in abandoned mine sites.

Burren soils and diamictons

  1. Geochemical and mineralogical characteristics of soils and diamictons in the south-eastern Burren. Implications for flora. Implications for environmental history (glaciation, mass movement).


Post Graduate Research Students

Ruth Kelly

Paul Byrne

Deirdre Mullins