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Youth Justice (REPPP Project)

The CCJVS is proud to include the Research Evidence into Policy, Programmes & Practice (REPPP) project group members amongst its membership. The presence of this group of researchers within the centre situates it as a centre of excellence for this important criminal justice research. Based in the School of Law, the Research Evidence into Policy, Programmes and Practice (REPPP) project was established in September 2016 to contribute to the development of evidence informed youth crime policy in Ireland. The REPPP project engages in primary research, evidence review, programme evaluation, practice consultation and collaboration with other third level institutions. REPPP research output is intended to be practical and to assist in the advance of reform of youth justice, ensuring a focus on better outcomes for young people and communities. The research team consists of Prof. Sean Redmond, Eoin O’Meara Daly, John Reddy, Dr Catherine Naughton and Deirdre Fullerton.

The following research projects are included in the REPPP work programme 2017-2019:

  • The Greentown study which examines the role that criminal networks play in influencing children’s offending behaviour
  • Improving the measurement of effectiveness in the Irish Youth Justice System
  • The development of a model of evidence review to assist youth crime policy-decision making in Ireland
  • Evaluation of Ireland’s first bail supervision programme to reduce the need for remanding children to detention

Key CCJVS researchers in this area: Dr Sean Redmond, Dr Catherine Naughton, Eoin O’Meara Daly, John Reddy, Deirdre Fullerton.