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Criminal Law, Procedure and Evidence

Central to the work of the CCJVS is a commitment to top-quality, doctrinal research on substantive criminal law and the rules of criminal evidence and procedure. The CCJVS boasts leading Irish experts in this area, many of whom have published the seminal texts on Irish criminal law, evidence and procedure. Excellent examples include Professor Shane Kilcommins’, Criminal Law in Ireland: Cases & Commentary (co-authored with Campbell and O’Sullivan) and Professor Paul McCutcheon’s Criminal Liability (co-authored with McAuley). Centre members also regularly publish their research of specific aspects of the law in this area in both national and international peer-reviewed academic journals. CCJVS members lecture on all aspects of criminal law, evidence and procedure within the School of Law as well as delivering training in this area to external stakeholders such as the Law Society of Ireland and An Garda Síochána. Further, members actively contribute to the development of criminal law and policy in Ireland via submissions on law reform to the Department of Justice and Law Reform Commission, as well as collaborative submissions and lobbying efforts which are conducted in partnership with criminal justice stakeholders and non-governmental organisations. We are committed to ensuring that our research has a meaningful impact on Irish criminal law and policy, fostering mutually beneficial strategic partnerships with key stakeholders to ensure that our work responds to the needs of the Irish criminal justice system and can positively influence its future development.

Key CCJVS researchers in this area: Professor Shane Kilcommins, Professor Paul McCutcheon, Dr Alan Cusack, Dr Ger Coffey, Dr Susan Leahy, Ms Jennifer Schweppe, Dr Michelle Stevenson

PhD candidates in this area: Grainne Jennings, Andrew Lacey, PJ Ryan, John Walsh.