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Short Research Visits

Professor IL Do Ha (Daegu Haany University, South Korea)  and Mr. Lee (Seoul National University, South Korea) are visiting UL from February 6th to 21st, 2009. The topic is MV survival analysis

Professor Defen Peng (Wuhan University, China). Curtailed Reliability Models. May  7th -17th, 2009

Col. Dr. Yasin Al-tawarah (Royal Jordanian Medical Service).  Interval Censored  Survival Models. June 15th, 2009, for 4 weeks.

Pofessor, Bent Jorgensen, University of Southern Denmark, Odense, Sept, 2011,  Extreme Dispersion Models.

Longer  Research Visits

Mrs Anil Dolgun, Biostatistics, Hacettepe University, The topic is Regression Models for Categorical Outcomes. Six  months from March 2009.


Short Research Visits

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